Our Method

Glass Vial Manufacturing & Decorating

Phoenix Glass specializes in the manufacturing of tubular glass vials using either Borosilicate (Type 1), Soda Lime (Type 3), or Amber tubing.

Our vial manufacturing capabilities begin at 5mm OD (outside diameter) up to 32mm OD. We can easily achieve lengths from 30mm up to 400mm. We are capable of producing Flat and Round bottom, or Open-end shell vials.

If you’d like us to evaluate our capability to manufacture or print on a certain vial, please reach out to customerservice@pxglass.com with your drawing or request!

Quality Glass Vials

Screen Printing

We have the capability of creating personalized screens for your production requirements. From any size frame, to different types of mesh, depending on your needs.

We have the capability and in-house expertise to decorate your glass or our manufactured vials in ceramic, organic, or precious metal inks in a limitless range of colors. All inks are CONEG and REACH compliant.

Our adherence to strict quality procedures and attention to detail enable us to provide superior quality products to the marketplace.

Our Company

Phoenix Glass is a full-service manufacturer and provider of glass containers, decorating services, plastic closures and pumps. We offer an extensive range of stock vials and plug closures which are available for fast delivery.

Highlights and Accomplishments

  • Privately owned and operated since October 1999.
  • Facility is 30,000 square feet situated on 27 acres in Pittsgrove, NJ.
  • Conveniently located near the Vineland industrial park and is approximately 45 minutes from Philadelphia.
  • #1 Supplier in the US of decorated glass sampler containers for the Cosmetic Industry.
  • We decorate our Vials using Heavy Metal free, Coneg-compliant hot melt, organic and precious metal inks.
  • Achieved ISO 9001 Certification in September 2005.
  • Successfully audited and recertified in 2006 – 2021.