Perfume Sampler Vials

Our glass sampler vials are the perfect way to introduce your perfumes, colognes, or essential oils to potential customers. Allow us to add a silk-screened decoration to your vials to enhance their sales-promotion and marketing abilities. 
Vials are also ideal for presentation in a set, where multiple vials can showcase a fragrance portfolio or a multi-fragrance story.
Your Brand’s image is vital as it can impact consumer behavior and customer loyalty. Glass creates an upscale appearance for your brand compared to plastic. Glass is also more environmentally-friendly, which is important to many consumers

Sampler Vials with Sprayers

The spray pump/atomizer option offers a convenient way to dispense fragrances. Simply press the atomizer downward to dispense a small amount of fragrance. We also offer a “minidrip” dropper that is compatible with the 11x47mm, 2ml vial.

The three sizes listed below are kept in-stock for convenient shipment within one week. Other custom sizes can be manufactured upon request. 
Perfume Sampler Vial Sizes

Sampler Vials with Plugs

The plug-fit sampler vial offers a cost-effective, yet entirely adequate, fragrance or essential oil sampling option. The sizes listed in bold below are generally kept in-stock. Other custom sizes can be manufactured upon request. 

Glass Vial Sizes
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