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Screen Printing

With decades of experience, we have the capability and expertise to decorate glass vials with your custom artwork. We offer one color screen printing in a broad range of colors using ceramic, organic, or precious metal paints.

All paints are CONEG and REACH  compliant. In our process the paint is annealed directly onto the glass which creates a durable label.

All aspects of our printing process are managed in-house, from artwork development through final production. Our adherence to strict quality procedures and attention to detail enable us to provide superior quality products to the marketplace.

Screen Printing
Glass Vial Manufacturing

Glass Vial Manufacturing

Phoenix Glass specializes in the manufacturing & decorating of tubular glass vials. Our vial manufacturing capabilities begin at 5mm OD (outside diameter) up to 32mm OD. We can easily achieve lengths from 30mm up to 400mm. We are capable of producing Flat and Round bottom, or Open-end shell vials.

If you’d like us to evaluate our capability to manufacture or print on a certain vial, please reach out to with your drawing or request!

The primary glass types that we offer are Clear 51 Expansion Borosilicate, Amber 51 Expansion Borosilicate, and Soda Lime. Our Borosilicate is considered Type I glass, while Soda Lime is classified as Type III.

Glass Types

51 Expansion Borosilicate Glass is the global standard for pharmaceutical primary packaging. The glass is designed to stay chemically inert, while maintaining the integrity and stability of pharmaceutical preparations. Boron oxide makes the glass extremely temperature and chemical resistant.

Amber Borosilicate Glass provides Ultra Violet light protection for light sensitive applications. The addition of iron and titania coloring agents enhance the Amber material properties so the spectral transmission exceeds the UV blocking requirement of both the US and EU Pharmacopoeia.

Soda Lime Glass is the most common glass type in the world. It is softer than borosilicate glass, but consequently is less scratch-resistant. Soda Lime offers lower thermal resistance than borosilicate glass.

Glass Type

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Phoenix Glass is a full-service manufacturer and provider of glass containers, decorating services, plastic closures and pumps. We offer an extensive range of stock vials and plug closures which are available for fast delivery.


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