Scientific Glass

Phoenix Glass is your source for Scientific Glass Vials & Tubes. We specialize in the forming of tubular glass vials using either Borosilicate (Type 1), Soda Lime (Type 3), or Amber tubing.

Our manufacturing capabilities for vials begin at 7mm OD (outside diameter) up to and including 32mm OD. We can achieve lengths as low as 30mm up to and including 400mm. We are capable of producing Flat and Round bottom, or Open-end shell vials.

The list below represents some of the custom glass vials that Phoenix Glass provides to the Scientific & Diagnostic Markets. These items are not normally carried in-stock, but can be manufactured. Lead times vary, so feel free to contact us at to inquire!

Outside Diameter Length Plug Available Capacity (Drams) Capacity (ml)
8mm 30mm Yes 0.2 0.75
8mm 40mm Yes 0.25 1
8mm 43mm Yes 0.25 1
9mm 30mm Yes 0.25 1
12mm 32mm Yes 0.5 2
12mm 35mm Yes 0.5 2
15mm 45mm Yes 1 4
17mm 60mm No 2 7
19mm 65mm Yes 3 11
21mm 70mm Yes 4 15
23mm 85mm Yes 6 22
24mm 62mm Yes 4 15
25mm 95mm No 8 30
29mm 65mm Yes 7 25
29mm 94mm Yes 12 44

Scientific Glass Vials & Tubes

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